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Repair thoughts: plastic slots on speaker grill

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  • Repair thoughts: plastic slots on speaker grill

    Ok, so I cut up my kick panels to modify them (cut the center out, spaced it off the rest of the panel and used fiberglass/fiberglass filler to make the new shape) to make room for the extra travel of the 6.5" subs I put in place of the 5.25" woofers.

    Anyway, long story short, I had the grills taped off but accidentally went over it with my orbital sander and went through to the plastic. Here's the damage:

    I know it's a rough picture, but basically, I dug down into a couple of the raised slats between the slots that allow sound through. Anyone have a good idea of how to build this shape back up and what product to use?

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    You could use Dynatron (Bumper repair epoxy) to repair the damage and then shape it using a dremel (or a similar small rotary tool) with a sanding bit attached.