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Converting 1.5 DIN to Double DIN

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  • Converting 1.5 DIN to Double DIN

    I have an '01 Chevy S10 with the 1.5 DIN opening sandwiched between climate ducts on top and climate controls on bottom. Anyone out there converted to double DIN and have pics? Looking at the problem, I don't think I could move the ducts, but I think I could maybe move the climate controls south a little, possibly even remove the ash tray and mold into the factory coin tray area.

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    The actual opening behind the dash bezel is plenty big for double din. You just need a new dash bezel. s10warehouse on eBay has them for about $80. Such as:


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      Wow! Serious?!?!?! That's all it takes? I figured there was a guage cluster or some other change that would make them not fit. I see they've got the '98-'01 Bravada listed, though, which uses the same dash as my Chevy. If that's true, you just saved me a BUNCH of time and $$$. Gonna go down to the boneyard on my next day off. Thanks!

      Also got to poking around my center console today and realized there is a LOT of unused space beneath the coin tray and arm rest.


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        Yeah, I have a 2000 Jimmy, with the same 1.5 DIN factory radio. Took it out, replaced the dash bezel, and I had an opening plenty big enough for my 7" touchscreen. S10 pickups have the same dash, to the best of my knowledge.


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          I did a similar thing in my 01 Silverado. It had a 1.5 DIN and I converted to a Double DIN. I had to get two things: 1. A new bezel. Fortuneately, the 03 and up trucks had double din opening and their bezels fit the 01 trucks. There are a couple tiny issues in that the climate controls have to be offset a bit adn the opening to the accessory outlits doesn't flip up all the way. Other than that it's snap on fit.

          The second thing was the radio mounting bracket. The 1.5 DIN is not shaped properly to accept a double din bracket. Plus, you can't just buy a double din bracket as it is riveted to the dash assembly and an integral part of the dash. However, a trip to the junk yard and I found one for sale. Bought it, punched out the old bracket and popped in the new one. Nav unit installed and lined up perfectly using an aftermarket mounting bracket.

          Took a little work, but got it in there and works great.



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            Anybody seen anything for a Dodge Ram 2003

            Anybody seen anything for a Dodge Ram 2003


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              dodge ram 2003

              hi i have seen your post about a 2003 ram and i just did one last weekend for a guy here in queen creek az. i had to make brackets to get the radio where i wanted it. a high end local shop said that they have to get rid of the woodgrain and incorporate it into the new upper piece but then you will loose the wood and that sucks so here is what i did i kept about 65%of the wood and made a new piece in the upper part of it had great help with the texture paint and some trade techniques from exus28 so it saved me quite some time on the finish work to get the results i needed to get here are some pics hope they work if not just shoot me an email

              [email protected]
              take care and good luck

              pics are too big so just send me an email ill send them to you