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    Ok now that I have everything in my hands and my back pocket question is, what other choices are there for body filler that is good other then the rage stuff. I'm sure its really good but from my searching I cant find any of the rage products in less then a gallon size...and thats 50 bucks... I don't need a gallon size and 50 bucks is way to steep for me right now. I'm looking for stuff that is quart size around 20 bucks. Is there anything good out there in this size/price range?

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      I use bondo as a filler
      I havn't had any problems with it it even took the vinal dye very well


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        evercoat is one of the best ranges from 20-30 a gallon


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          You didn't specify but being that its on these forums I'm assuming that your using it for screen molding and interior mods not for actually exterior body work...

          I used a bumper repair kit I believe made by Dynatron. I got it from my local auto body supplier. I found the stuff a few years ago when i was looking for something to fix the plastic fairings on my motorcycle and i loved it.

          Basically it comes in 2 tubes with some mixing cups, stirring sticks and a piece of fabric (never used the fabric). It works as a 2 part epoxy... you have a filler and a hardener and you mix it in even amounts and use as necessary. The thing s I really liked about it was that it was strong and bonded really well like a good epoxy glue, while at the same time remaining much more flexible than bondo or other hard body fillers, and it also sands very nicely as a body filler should.

          Paid $25 for the kit and molded my whole screen in and all and have over 3/4 of it left.