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  • Newbie: Whats this part called...

    Hi, first time caller long time listener, so be gentle.

    I'm going to fabricate myself a spring loaded popup dashboard monitor (don't want to go into all the hastle of motorised screens - - I don't see popping the thing up as a problem - but I need help keeping it down.

    I figured I'd need to use some of those (magnetic?) push-pop thingies, the ones where you push them down to keep it in place, then push it again to release it? But I cant think what they are called? Any ideas? Or any better suggestions?

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    spring loaded latch? pop latch? something like that, haha...

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      Its a touch latch! Unfortunatly they seem to be a little too big for what I want.


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        Originally posted by flatproblem View Post
        Its a touch latch! Unfortunatly they seem to be a little too big for what I want.
        Sorry to get in on this after you'd already found your answer.

        There seem to be some pretty small ones out there. Maybe one like this will fit . . .
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          I have seen some sort of small ones at HomeDepot in the cabinet/hardware aisles. I used them for a project in highschool and they worked well.
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