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'93 Jeep Country - Formulating Attack Plan

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  • '93 Jeep Country - Formulating Attack Plan

    So, I want to put my 7" Lilliput into the dash.

    I think what I am going to have to do is trim off the upper clip that holds the trim in place because it won't fit once the screen is in place. Hopefully, the bottom clip will provide enough support?

    I have included pictures so you guys can see what I have to work with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Do you guys think this will look ok or will it look off center because the buttons are on the side?

    In case you are wondering, I am eliminating my h/u and relocating the heater controls since I don't want to lose my vent.

    I am thinking that I just *might* have room to squeeze in a slim dvd drive under the screen.


    Edit: Maybe if I do it just right I won't have to actually hack up my lcd bezel. Maybe I can just modify the trim so I can place it right over the screen. I'm not sure if that would look right though.