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Classic Mini fibreglass dashboard

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  • Classic Mini fibreglass dashboard

    Now i have had this dash for a while but not bothered to re-install my car computer, i want it pretty much stealthed / fabricated in ( my last install was removable).

    This is what my dash looks like in place ( this is actually mine ), there is however a stereo in the centre console now mind:

    And this is my mockup plans:

    Now i know some of you will say i am wasting screen real-estate here, and its true, however i dont intend my car computer to be a sat-nav or to watch movies on. Simply to play music, display my speed and possibly have a front mounted camera record, would be enough and i think these dimensions suit fine.

    Anyone else care to add what they think?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: quick photoshop edit.
    Obviosuly i will be making a custom skin to match this layout!

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    I like that you have built a custom dashboard

    Why not go a step further and use some custom gauges to give you some more room, all i can see is trouble with doing updates etc without most of the left hand, left top of the screen being truncated behind the dash. The protuding curve will do a really good job of limiting ambient light etc so, a great spot for it.

    Having said all that if it is mainly for playing music and not sat nav etc why not mount it lower into the centre console part where you say your head unit is now?


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      Well, my plan is to use my 7" netbook as the carputer (so as to not be too reliant on the cars battery) so it can be updated on its own- out of the car. As it was a damn hassle upgrading like you say, having to have the car on just to run updates etc. This way i hope to remove all that hassle. And obviously save myself from the trouble of working on a screen that is missing a third of its viewable area...

      Ive tried holding it in place in the lower spot, as it fits between the swtiches and the headunit pretty well...although the viewing angle will be the problem, which is why i think in the top dash will be the best place for it, and as you say the overhang will make it nice and dark and easily viewable

      I have another 2 50mm dials to fit above the switches, and dont really want to move the other dials / get custom ones as i lined them up to have the best viewing angle through the steering wheel. IE i can see most of the rev and speed gauge ( not that the speed is correct mind ).

      I can take a pic of the dash now actually as its fully out the car while im fixing the gearbox...


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        I like the idea! its diffrent, and if you can do a lay yout to match the arc I think it would be pretty cool. Go for it.

        Post some pictures of the mini!!! I thought about doing a carputer for my mini but its become a friday/weekend car. So its no frills But Ive done a vauxhall swap so engine is my music :-)

        Land Rover LR3 80%


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          But it looks like this atm:

          Lost about 1/3rd of the teeth on a gear, and both bearings on the 3rd motion shaft were ruined. Getting the box back this week and rebuilding.

          Will be building a vtec mini next year