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Nexson, a little help please..

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  • Nexson, a little help please..

    Hey Nexson, sorry to bother you here but figured out of everyone you would have the best answer..

    I did an install a while back, for reference purposes you can find the thread with the details here:

    Anyhow, I am now in the process of re-doing everything due to the theft and am thinking about taking a different approach. Instead of installing just the screen in my dash, I would like to install something along the lines of this:

    I am trying to figure out the best way to do a couple of things. First, I have this huge opening in my dash bezel now where the 10" screen was and I need to fill the 1-2 inch gap that will exist both above and below the new deck I am going to install considering the new deck is quite a bit smaller than the 10" screen. Here is a pic of the opening I will be dealing with:

    Second, this new deck is going to be fairly heavy and I didnt know if you had any ideas on how to anchor it and support it in the dash. I think I am going to mold the beauty ring into the dash bezel, so the deck's face will need to stay almost perfectly still, hence the need to anchor or support it.

    Thanks in advance for any help from Nexson or any others!!

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    Hey There,

    Sorry about the theft, I recently took a look at the thread since it was bumped and I felt terrible, nonetheless here is your chance to come back and better then before.

    From my understanding you would like to put the unit in the center of the area you have pictured since you have the a/c controls relocated to the top.

    Now for the Double Din completely understand that their is a weight issue.I am assuming that this is a Double Din Unit, right? In that case I would buy a double din kit. Any generic double din kit from any car would work. You would use the brackets to hold the weight of the double din. The only issue I have is that I do not know what the inside of your dash looks like, so I am not quite sure what the actual brackets would attach to.

    As for the bezel, that is a great idea. What I would do is make sure you have the double din completely solid in your dash via the brackets, then place the bezel over the DD, then your stock console over that. Tack in the bezel to the dash panel, and pull off the stock panel. This way you will have the perfect placement of the DD's bezel on the dash panel. Then from there you can fill your gaps. You can either use a wood backing and build it up with fiberglass reinforced body filler like Duraglass or "kitty hair", or you can stretch fleece and start glassing to fill the void.

    Both methods will work just as well.

    I hope this helps to start your build, if you have more questions, just ask and I will be more then happy to get your system back and running through this thread!
    Brian @Nexations Creations

    Specialist in Custom Interior Fiberglass OEM Replication Work.

    AIM: Exus28
    E-Mail: [email protected]


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      Wow, thank you very much for the quick and detailed reply. Not only are you a very talented dude, but the help you provide on this forum is awesome, so thanks again!

      So below you can see the dash mounting space that is behind the bezel. (I swiped them from another board members install) I also grabbed a picture showing a 99-02 mounting bracket and 03-06 bracket side by side. In the mounting space pic I believe the guy has the 03-06 bracket installed. The problem is either of these mounting brackets puts the DD stereo in the upper half of the bezel opening. Considering I have relocated my HVAC controls I dont need to squeeze the deck and controls in, but rather center the DD. My thinking is that I will have to almost eliminate the mounting bracket completely, or atleast modify it heavily. I hope that doing this will still leave me with something to fix the DD adapter that you spoke of to. I guess I wont know until I open the dash back up and kind of test fit some things.

      Regarding the gaps that i have to fill, out of the options, i think I am going to go with some sort of wood or plastic backing. Only because I have never glassed before and although you make it look almost effortless, I can imagine the mess I would make

      Again, thank you very much for taking the time to help me out. Once I receive the parts (DD, adapter, etc.) I will post more pics of my progress and Im sure will need some additional advice!


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        Is there anything else that you could mount in your new found space?

        An Ipod doc? additional dials/gauges?

        From my limited experience the larger the flat surface the harder it is to make it look perfectly flat, which is why I have tended to use that space for other things so there isn't large flat areas.

        Good luck with the install - what make/model is that unit?


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          I really think you can work with 99-02 frame. I am sure you can take a dremel to the back of the frame if it is plastic and knock out some of that plastic so that it fits int he center. I am not quite sure how far the DD will come to the sides of that frame. It is possible that you can drill some holes through the frame and use some bolts right into the DD. Usually these units have screw holes on the sides.

          If the DD does not line up snug on the sides you might be able to modify some "L" brackets to make it work, nonetheless I am confident we can work it out!

          BTW thanks for the compliments! That is why I am here =)
          Brian @Nexations Creations

          Specialist in Custom Interior Fiberglass OEM Replication Work.

          AIM: Exus28
          E-Mail: [email protected]