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Touchscreen LCD inside a fabricated area

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  • Touchscreen LCD inside a fabricated area

    i am working on a fabrication where i could fit my screen. now my question is, is it safe to dismantle the touchscreen lcd and fix it without the front cover or should i put the entire unit as such? what are the pros and cons of both of them ?
    if i am going with dismantlement the lcd what precautions should i take ?

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    largest difference is voiding warranties and not. also, many times it can look better if you install without its casing. it really depends on the situation


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      I too am curious to this matter. I currently have the xenarc 700 stv or some model from a year or so ago disassembled to try to put into a slot in my dashboard. I would love to use the factory bezel but it wont fit between the air duct vents so i am left to either shop for a different screen or try to somehow build a bracket system to fix it too. Integrating the factory bezel buttons into my new molding seems to be one of the biggest feats to overcome...that and how to hold all of the pieces together behind the scenes so to speak.


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        ^^ PM me with pics!
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          As others have said it voids the warranty. My screen wouldn't fit in my dash bezel and I had to move my AC controls down which required cutting the bezel into 4 seperate pieces and molding it back together. I used the front cover of the monitor since the panel and mainboard bolted to it.
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