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  • 2002 Mustang Dash options...

    I can now see how people end up selling their parts in the midst of this project. It can certainly be draining!!

    Anywhoo...I am stuck with mounting my Lilliput 629-GL in the dash of my 02 Mustang. The opening is roughly 1.5 din & the screen is too tall.

    I purchased a bybyte frame with hopes it would sit flush with the rear of my bezel. Again, the screen is too tall(which I found out during this proess).

    Therefore, I am back to square one with a custom glassed dash or similar. Should I use the stock Lilliput housing and mold it into the bezel, or should I stick with the bybyte frame for a "stealthier" look(aka no buttons). If I were to use the bybyte frame, is it easier to mold the dash from the rear or front?

    Should make for an interesting project as I have never molded ANYTHING before. lmao

    Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

    2002 Mustang CarPC

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    This is what I did. I ran into the same problem so I moved the AC and cut the bezel slightly around the dials so I could mount it lower. That gave me enough room for the buttons and barely enough room for a DVD drive. I then color matched the paint at a local paint shop and resprayed it. If you decide to do this I recommend using Durmaix 4040 or 4041 (4041 gives more time to work with it but sets up slightly slower). I highly recommend moving the A/C. The way I mounted the DVD drive required me to modify the dash bracing a little bit but that's easily fixed. It only took a few hours to put my dash back to stock if you ever want to go back. Not to pimp in your thread or anything but I'm selling the entire setup, screen/dvd and all if you wanted to save yourself some work.

    To answer your question. Use the stock bezel. Having the buttons molded into the screen makes it look stock. It's those little touches that set the mediocre projects apart from the ones that make the screen look like a factory option.