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  • 2000 Alero Install

    Hey guys, I bought a bunch of stuff from a guy here on the classifieds and starting to do the fab work for my Alero. So far I have relocated my HVAC controls on the bezel and im ready to start with the monitor install. Im going with the Dynatron/3M method with the exception of the Dynatron as it is not available anywhere around here. So far in relocating my heater controls I havent had to big of a gap to worry so I think Ill be alright there. The problem I have encountered now is that I didnt get the casing for the touch screen and Im not sure of the exact model. Has anyone gone about installing their screen without the front casing or should I do some reaserch and find one. It looks so far like I might be able to pull it off without it but Its gonna be a PITA to mount it. I got a lot of stuff I dont know about but Im gonna worry about my bezel before I get into that. Ill post up a pic tomorrow of my progress so far and the screen I have. Any advice is appreciated as this is the first time I have messed with plastics, Im a machinist by trade so this isnt my typical line of work. Thanks in advance.

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    Also, the monitor is 7in. Sorry about the glare, its dark out and I was using my phones camera.


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      This is my blueprint/idea. Disregard the extra space for DVD/12v/whatever, as i would like .750" between each opening and there will no longer be room. The 12V power outlets and a DVD drive will go on the shifter bezel which Ill be working on next. I ended up getting the Lilliput I bought working and that has a case included, tho its hacked up already but the parts I need are still intact. I plan on working on this a bit at work tonight, will post updated pics tomorrow.

      Quick question, should that 3M stuff be able to be peeled off by my finger nail? I scrape it and it comes off, but still has formed a decent bond.


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        Hey just thought I would jump in to say good luck, I just sold my 2000 Alero a month ago. I had a computer in it, but I just went with the 700-IDT for the monitor, I always wanted to custom fab one into the dash but never got around to trying it.

        The glue will probably just peel off, but thats ok as long as the glue bonding the pieces isn't peeling off/falling out.

        P.S. I bet your car eats brakes, front wheel bearings, and something randomly breaks every ~5k miles, cause I know mine did
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          Thanks man, im going to work on it a bit now. Just curious, where in NW Pa are you from? I live in Bradford.