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  • help :(

    Alright so for my car im doing a fiberglass duplicate of a panel and than going to mofidy it from there... so I covered it in masking tape, put on the adhesive spray than covered it in a cloth (from an old tshirt)

    problem is after i start to cover the tshirt material in the resin to set the base all the adhesive spray becomes... not sticky... so the cloth is flopping all over the place and the whole shape is gone...

    help please?

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    pictures would really help...

    try building some sort of falsework (temporary frame support) to hold the fabric in place and also don't use cotton for fiberglassing - fleece is much much better


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      sorry camera is out for repair right now.... so pics cant happen

      im using the original product, going to fiberglass the inside of it with a light layer than take it off the frama and build onto it

      but fleece would work better? should i just go to some fabric store or sumthin?
      shud i wait some time after fitting the fleece before puttin on resin?


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        you could put some resin on the masking tape first, wait a few mins foil to get tacky then stick Your fabric down on the tacky resin.
        but if your Just trying to copy a panel then Skip the fabric and just go straight to the fibreglass.
        fabric is good for spanning across 2 points with nothing inin betweens it makes nice contours
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          cotton fleece is what you need. it has to be nice and thick and most importantly, not synthetic otherwise it wont soak up the resin nicely
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            Alright thanx a lot djmickyg, can finally get this thing goin now


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              Gotta be honest here, just get another panel and then modify it.
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                Just getting another panel would be best. You can modify it and use all the factor bolt locations making the install super easy. If you absolutely need to make a duplicate then here's the process:

                1. Mask the panel [blue tape].
                2. Get some tin foil, spray 3m adhesive on the dull side and stick that on the masked surface and spread that smooth.
                3. Wax the foil surface, turtle wax is fine. Do a couple of coats and buff. This will act as a mold release so that you won't have to use a pry bar to separate the mold.
                4. Apply resin to the foil, let it tack a bit then apply your fiberglass.
                5. Now if you want to do it right apply enough layer to make it thick and non flexible.
                SIDE NOTE: Masking and fiberglass should overlay to neighboring panels. The reason for the overlap and the thick mold is that you not going to use this mold as a replacement, you use this mold as you negative... which means more work.
                7. Wax the mold up really well so that its slick.
                8. Apply resin and fiberglass.
                9. Trim edge and now you have to figure out how to attach it to the factory location.........

                If your going to make a duplicate don't just make the first mold and call it a day. Your adding material to the original surface level then your probably going to spread some filler, when you done you would have added enough surface that it won't line up with the neighboring panel and look, in my opinion cheap. Do it all the way.

                But honestly, just buy another panel from the dealer or go to a pick'n'pull, or find an online distributor. It'll safe you from a needless amount of work.