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  • Dash Repair and Overhaul

    Hello all, its been a long time. Been busy with the baby and my mustang was broken in to a while back. They destroyed my dash stealing my stereo, soo now i have to fix it. Instead of just repairing it through, id like to go a little beyond that. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do so however. The dash has a few blemishes here and there as well as the large hole where the part of the center console was. Here are my ideas soo far.

    1. Remove dash from the mustang, as well as removing instrument panel, glove box, any other components of the dash, kill myself removing the airbag lol

    2. Cover dash with cloth, covering where the instrument panel was and the large opening in the center of the dash

    3. Use fiberglass resin on cloth...... After cure, bondo and sand.

    4. Use resin on other dash components to fix blemishes and bondo to smoth surface

    Soo everythings a pretty blank canvas now. I think i might change the shape of the passenger side dash to add gauges, and i would almost have to remove the airbag permanently to do soo. No big deal as no one is going to be driving with me very often.

    Soo, my ideas once i have all that done.

    - 3 3/8 speedo and tach where the instrument panel was

    - push start button at top center of dash

    - Replace old AC vents with cooler ones. I really like the 05+ stang vents but they have a plate attached to the bezel. Im pretty sure anyway. Please correct me if im wrong. (Directly underneath start button) and side vents in place of other locales

    - Cut opening for double din stereo receiver. I think the alpine Xia-w404. very cool

    - Cut opening of smaller size gauges for passenger side, Fuel, water temp, voltmeter, etc

    - Would like to replace my stock steering wheel with an 05+ stang steering wheel, but havent researched it thoughly. Does anyone know if itd be a direct swap or if id have to mod the steering column or something. i wouldnt mind going aftermarket but i havent seen many cool aftermarket steering wheels with airbags and id like to keep one for myself. As we've all driven our mustangs in the rain, and sometimes it doesnt go as well as planned.

    - Put tweeders in dash pointed at driver and passenger

    Thats about all i have at the moment. Id like to keep it simple but of course i want it to look cool. Give me some input, opinions, its appreciated. I'll probably do a sketch later. I plan on doing the center console and doors as well but im going to do the dash first, at least concept wise. Does anyone know if the switch for the headlights in the 94 mustang is a full power switch or just a relay, moving it to the center console. I might keep the knob but i doubt that would look cool. Anyways let me know.

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    How about a pic or two so we can see the dash you plan to mod?
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      Here's an image of the dash. Mine is missing the center where the stereo and the center ac vents are. Everything else is the same.