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power distribution block - profesional look

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  • power distribution block - profesional look


    i'm creating something like this myself for the first time and unfortunately i'm perfecionist

    I would like to have box that would look like commercial solution (ie. computer power suply) nice outside and inside it sould look something like this:

    I found connectors that i would like to use - . I'm sure i will find suitable relays and buttons on that site too.

    Is there some lego-like system how to build it?
    Do i need to buy box with matching dimensions and somehow put connectors on it? How do i cut box to have matching holes in it with also Male-Famale connector lock space. (I told you i have never done anything like this before.)
    I looked on computer PSU insides and found out that they using 90degree connectors connected to custom made PCB - so do i need to somehow make PCB myself? Also they have pcb connected to box with custom mounting points for mounting pcb, but i din't found any box for custom electrical installations with mounting points like in computer PSU

    So how to make products like this with profesional look?

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    wire it up, throw it in a radioshack project box

    simple enough
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      Well i don't think that if i cut trough plastic with hot needle and then glue connectors to it with some glue it will look nice. That is why i'm asking - how to really make it nice.


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        If you want it to look really good, you can either pick up a metal project box (if you want it to be grounded, or look a little more flash) and get a fabricator to cut the holes for you, either laser or waterjetting, or you could get the parts, make it up and benchtest it, then take a design for a case down to a fabricator and get them to make the whole thing in aluminium or steel, holes cut, all bent to shape.

        Just that it costs a bit.


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          a metal fab shop may have d-sub stamps and can easily cut those into a metal project box. Might be able to do a one-off for you. Also may be able to stamp rectangular holes for panel mount molex plugs.

          Look for a place that makes custom chassis for a manufacturing industry. Custom folded chassis are common in heavy machinery for system controllers and input/output controllers.


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            With those connectors handle the 20+ Amps your seem to require?