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t-top rail and windshield molding?

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  • t-top rail and windshield molding?

    I want to finish my overhead console (OHC) in my IROC (long since stored for winter). Short of buying a junker and flipping it onto its roof to work on the OHC, it would be easier to have a mold of the interior of the "roof" (the center beam that supports the t-tops) and a portion of the windshield area: this way I could take advantage of working on the OHC in a warm basement and get a nice contoured fit.

    I'm considering fiberglass. But I wonder if--or how much more--hardener should be used, since dripping has to be minimized. While i don't think that the fiberglass mold will be too heavy and just drop; however, not being sure, I will place some sort of easily breakable bracing over the rail and will embedd it in the fiberglass. When the mold is done, i'll just snap/cut the braces and hopefully the mold will come off easily. ( I plan to cover the rail and winshiled surfaces with aluminum foil and blue tape. The interior will be, of course, covered with cardboard and drop cloths to catch any dripping. )

    Although this will be my first time using fiberglass to make a mold, I'm not looking for a how-to in general since there's a plethora of general knowledge available in these forums and on the web. Any insights, suggestions, or possible pitfalls to be avoided from those that may have already made a mold of the car ceiling or t-top rail and a portion of the windshield, as I'd like to? None of the sites deal with "fiberglassing upside down."

    Actually, would other materials be preferable or had other done so? Maybe molding clay, "Great Stuff, " etc? (Great Stuff seems to be a quick and easy way to go.) I'm staying away from using silicone rubber since it would be quite an expense for that much s.r.

    Thanks in advance,
    greg -- lots of info Demos Pictures.html -- overview