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  • Need Bezel ideas

    Ok so I'm kinda undecided on how to approach my bezel.

    Should I make the bezel meet the edges of the screen surround (like the top of the surround in the picture) or should I try to hide the surround with the bezel..

    My concern with the bezel in general is that it curves from top down and from left to right. Therefore, no matter what I do there's going to be a visible edge or curve to get it down to the screen.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    argh screw it. I think I'm going this approach


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      If you want opinions (which i think you do) That Is probably one of, if not the most ugly and out of place installs iv ever seen. Honest.


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        Bezel sacrifice....

        What is going to happen with the a/c vents?
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          As of now I'm not 100% sure. I'm either going to seal them off and put a slim DVD rom where they were or make a narrow custom vent.


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            Not to resurrect a dead thread, but I'd scrape that lilliput logo off there somehow, and get somebody to get you a woodgrain finish to match the bezel to the rest of your car.


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              Its been a while but I'm trying to get this project started again. First off, that picture above is not mine and I personally think it looks horrible with the wood trim and dashboard color. I was just using the picture to show how I plan on forming the bezel to fit the screen.

              I'm just about done with the bezel but have a few imperfections that I want to correct and then I'll post up some pics.