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ABS Sludge vs ABS pipe Cement

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  • ABS Sludge vs ABS pipe Cement

    Is ABS sludge (made with acetone + abs shavings) the same thing as black ABS pipe cement?

    Also, when I make ABS sludge, lego's will work correct? Since they are ABS?

    Is it possible to use ABS sludge OR ABS pipe cement as a filler? Say I have a gap (in a piece of ABS) about 1/6 inch deep, 'bout 1 in wide and 5 in long. Good enough to use as filler?

    Thanks, I'm a noob

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    this is actually something i use on a daily basis for just that reason... however, instead of using straight acetone, i use cyano acrylic glue. there are 3 types of ca glue that i use, extra thick, gap filling, and extra thin. but what i do is sand down a sheet of abs with a D/A sander and some 80 grit. collect the dust, spread the dust on the 2 pieces of abs i wish to bond together, add a few drops of the extra thin ca glue, and stand back, cause the fumes are awful. but it causes it to super heat and bond together. now typically gap filling ca glue doesnt stick to plastics, but if you use the extra thin and abs dust, the gap filling ca will stick to the extra thin. so for any minor pin holes that may need filling, put a couple of drops of the gap filling then spray it with the activator, and sand smooth.