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'08 Ford Escape Top-of-dash LCD Interface

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  • '08 Ford Escape Top-of-dash LCD Interface

    Hello all. I'm a long-time lurker in these forums, but until recently I fell out of touch. I've gone through several carpc phases (my parts bins are proof), but I'm actually committed to finishing my latest project. I recently bought a 2008 Ford Escape and noticed it had a small top-of-dash lcd display that showed, among other things, the currently playing CD track/radio station. In planning the carputer for this vehicle I thought it would be useful to interface with this LCD. Has anyone been successful in this?

    I brainstormed a possible solution which involved reusing the stock head unit and interfacing with it via the CD changer controls (I did this with a VW Jetta mk4 several years ago). I was hoping to avoid having to reuse/relocate the stock headunit however.

    Any input would be great. I imagine this LCD is present in several later-model Ford/Mercury vehicles. Thanks in advance.

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    GROM USB Modules

    I've found some interface kits from InDashPC and Car2PC, but they do not seem to offer a kit that will work with my Ford. There is a Mazda Tribute kit that looks to be compatible up until the 2008 model year. These vehicles should share parts. Anyone have any idea whether this should work in my Escape? The dash/headunits look exactly the same when I compare them.

    I also wondered if it was possible to emulate an iPod on the PC side and use an iPod adapter kit. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone here, but am I right in assuming these kits all utilize the Ford's medium speed CANbus to register button presses on the head unit?