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EBY701 Bezel fab help request.

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  • EBY701 Bezel fab help request.

    Hi peoples.

    I'm finally trying my hand at my first bezel fabrication job. I'm trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole. The factory radio has rounded edges and I'm attempting to make the LCD bezel basically bolt-in. Anyway, the questions mostly relate to epoxy and sanding more than the shape.

    First is the two bezels before I cut them up.

    Then is my attempt at merging them into one bezel, which SHOULD fit within the factory radio frame with a little cutting up top.

    One other problem is that the outside rounded frame is also curved, while the Lilliput bezel is flat. I'm not sure if I've got enough space to properly join the two shapes together.

    Now, the main problem is trying to sand down the epoxy (blue stuff) without damaging the black bezels too much, especially the LCD inside edge, that'll be hard to repair if I mess it up.

    I'm going to have to make the lilliput bezel follow the curve of the factory bezel at the top, I guess just sanding the bezel to conform will work best? I don't have anything to go by, aside from just trial and error. I'd like to have a nice smooth edge along the top too, but there's nothing to use for the border, so it might end up being only the thickness of the lilliput bezel.

    Anyone have any recommendations or suggestions or words of wisdom I could use?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Cut the bottom of your monitor frame like this before bonding...should fit close enough for you to get the desired edge across the top....
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      Well, a big problem with this bezel was that the curved part of the dash kit actually ended before the top of the opening, thus requiring me to build it up a bit farther than the curved part.

      I've since finished it (hopefully) and it looks okay for a first-time fabrication. I've never attempted anything like this before, so I was a little nervous that it'd look like garbage. Anyway, it's not bad. I'll hopefully be putting it in the car this weekend.

      Overall shot, though a little blurry. Gives a general idea of the shape.

      Close-up of the texture and the hole for the IR LED. I may need to remove some material from the back of the bezel otherwise the LED will be sunk in too far perhaps.

      Last shot, kinda better view of the texture. I think I should have sanded it down a bit more after spraying on the texture, it's a bit too much perhaps. I'll see once it's in the car.

      Thanks for the help, and to Brian @ Nexson for the pointers. You guys rock.


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