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Bondo-Glass or Normal Bondo Body Filler

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  • Bondo-Glass or Normal Bondo Body Filler

    I've just fiberglassed my custom wood sub enclosure for the middle of the back of my cab and sealed and siliconed the inside seams as best possible. I fiberglassed on top of the wood to hopefully just build an even stronger structure for the sub to sit in and now im just stuck at the decision of what to finish it with now.

    I realize i could have easily just left the box a solid closed wood box but i wasnt 100% confident on my seams between the wood i figured fibreglass would be a nice backup just to ensure its air tight. Now im ready to sand down the fg and apply a body filler or some type of bondo to give it a nice smooth finish and ready for a professional paint job.

    Just wondering what to use i just picked up a big can of BONDO-GLASS (recommended at crappy tire) and am just doubting myself now on whether i should have picked up normal bondo body filler or if even with the fg layering it would crack with the vibration of the sub. Just dished out $55 but havent opened it yet just incase. Anyone with more experience would be amazing if u could help me out with this question. Im just thinking the Bondo glass wont give me the nice smooth finish im looking for for a pro. paint job am i right? any help would be awesome guys thanks

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    I really dont see why you would need to use the fiberglass filler over the fiberglass top youve made unless you feel it needs more strength, that is more of a larger gap filler and re-enforcer then a normal body filler meant for smoothing, plus the bondo brand is pretty hard to sand, and if on top of that if you do use the fiberglass filler youll most likely need a regular body filler to smooth out the imperfections in the fiberglass filler anyway. if you can why dont you post a picture of your project so we can better see what exactly your working with.


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      yeah so i was waiting for a reply to this thread but ended up just going with the bondo glass ontop of the fibreglass cloth just incase and as expected once sanded it still has left big gaps and spaces. I planned to use regular body filler (bondo putty) for the final smooth coat before prime and paint but didn't want to take the chance of paying for a nice expensive paint job then seeing it crack once the first deep bass song was pumped through it that was my biggest fear.

      So where i'm at right now is the having the fibreglass covered in bondo glass to add strength and body to it and im just ready to put the regular body filler as the final coat then sand it down to a smooth finish. I tested the box out for sound quality already sounds great and im assuming theres no chance of bondo cracking now its double re-enforced. So now i guess my only question would be is how to get it to a nice smooth finish and ready for a nice glossy paint job. I've heard glazing putty and names been tossed around prior to paint but just wondering whats the best looking and most durable.

      I only have pics on my phone but i'll get ones up here real soon. Thanks for any help