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  • My recent work log

    Here's some stuff I've been working on as of late.

    My neighbor had this awful crummy plastic bezel the he was using for some gauges. I made a new surface to house the gauges:

    I drilled holes through the mdf and plastic. Used quick set epoxy in a couple of ares just to hold it in place then CA glue for the rest.

    First layer of evercoat.

    A little sanding later.

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    More gauges: right above the center console in the no longer used vent

    Had to cut out the center division between vents and secure a new surface for the gauges

    After some evercoat glaze and sanding the edges to get a nice bezel/curved corners

    Here's a shot of an extra identical vent an the new "gauge plate"

    Here's a shot of the two together


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      Here's my cluster screen bezel. There were a bunch of versions and finishes. Initially I planned on this being an insert bezel so that I could go back to stock if I ever want to...

      I had masked the area and used epoxy putty to build the area around the hacked lilliput bezel [sanded with 40 grit first]

      Almost done

      Finish 1

      Way too flashy for me...

      Sanded it down and started trying a dupont flat black... I'm liking this better

      I finished this but decided to just go for a one-piece and go for more OEM look

      These edges were perfectly match previously but being that i want to join these pieces, I sanded it down to make a bit of a gap that I will fill...

      CA glue to bond the back

      Almost there

      I wound up using SEM trim paint. I covered the entire piece and baked it. Then I did a medium coat, allowed to tack, then followed with three dry shot coats from a far distance. This gives the paint a really nice texture. I'll have to get a closer shot for you guys to really see what I'm talking about.


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        Here's a piece under my cluster. A simple graft project... again I'm using epoxy putty, CA glue, and Evercoat glaze as a finish.

        I have to clean up some goo from the tape on the edges but i'll do that later...


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          coming along nicely, what did you do with the power button for the screen?
          Crown Vic Project Blog forum

 (with car PC)


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            I'm using the cigarette adapter for power. It turns on as soon as it gets signal from the computer. I'm installing everything on saturday. I hate taking the car apart for wiring...


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              Your work looks very good! Sweet! I'll be keeping track of this one :-)


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                Originally posted by djchicago View Post
                coming along nicely, what did you do with the power button for the screen?
                Now that I have everything installed I see what you mean. I thought the monitor would come on if given power and signal from the VGA... I was mistaken. I've tried that "factory menu code" 588998 to no avail. I tried it so many different ways... I'm done with it. I cut off the button portion of the lilliput and glue it to the back. I will relocate the buttons to where i put the usb's/audio. I may be deluding myself, but I actually like having the option of turning the monitor on/off with the button if I so choose.

                Originally posted by Wirecase View Post
                Your work looks very good! Sweet! I'll be keeping track of this one :-)
                Thanks dude.


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                  More work:

                  Fabricating a place for the Lilliput controller board and a center channel.


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                    Now to wet sand paint,


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                      nice work, where in ny are you located. im in nassau
                      01 Burb


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                        Nassau County, Albany NY or Nassau, Long Beach? I'm in Throgs Neck.


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                          long island, great work ya do.
                          01 Burb


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                            Here's an update:
                            I'm doing another Civic 7" mold in... This time I'm going for a nice hard edge bezel

                            Maybe I'll get some paint on this soon...


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                              Update to the new bezel: