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  • Need a little help

    I am working on getting my screen installed and I had to do a little cutting to make all the buttons accessible, but now I would like to make it look nice but I really have no idea what im doing.

    Here is a pic of the whole thing

    Pic of my screen

    And here is a pic of the hole I would like to fix

    I could really use some help this is the first time I have done anything like this


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    I dont see a picture of what your referring to, if you can get one up it will give everyone a much better way to give some advice and go from there =).


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      I uploaded the pics to photobucket and reposted them


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        If it were me, id try and get either some popsicle sticks or some thin wood or plastic and cut it to make a "back" to the opening, glue it in place with ca glue or epoxy.

        Iv never been a great one with plastics materials but id use some fiberglass bodyfiller or some epoxy putty to fill in the space on top of the backing of wood, shape it down to contour and paint it to match.

        Thats sort of condensed down but i hope it helps!


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          Like I said this is the first time I have done anything like this so do you know where I could find a detailed guide?


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            Look at the "sticky" in this forum on "How to make a factory bezel". I think your going to want to stay away from fiberglass here only because this is a large piece that probably flexes when you put it on or take it off. Fiberglass won't flex, so when you put it back in or take it off, the fiberglass will hold its shape and the factory plastic might crack off.

            If you use wire mesh as a sub frame material and then 3M bumper repair as the finish/build coat, the whole piece will remain flexible and not tend to crack.

            The the thread.