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  • Honda S2000 Ideas

    So i'm looking at picking up a Honda s2000 in the next week or so and am trying to plan out a CarPC install. I plan to keep the factory stereo and use car2pc (if you hit volume up will it up it on the factory stereo and PC?).

    So now I have to figure out where to mount the screen. I plan to do it on the passenger side dash pad. I've been searching all day to a thread with someone making a bezel into the actual pad vs. into the center console. The challenge here is that I don't have a "frame" to build into. Any ideas/threads to guide me?
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    I love the stock instruments on the S2000, its like something out of star trek :-D.

    Personally, I would replace the stock radio. I never understood why people would keep the stock radio when they have a Car PC, but that's just me. Your idea about putting it on the passenger side is good too. Here is a pict hat might be helpful:

    Also, what do you think about putting in something that would pop out of the center arm-rest storage area? This would be a bit more stealthy also.

    Another option would be to mount a screen up on the dash, but this wouldn't look as clean, IMO.

    I'll be following your thread with this one. Good luck.


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      Check out the dash cutter thread in the S2ki forum for information on where and how to cut the hole in your dash as you have it pictured.

      As for the CPU of the CarPC, you can install it over the spare tire, or over the gas tank filler tube. Going to keep an eye on this thread as well since I'm a big fan of the S2000 and CarPCs. GL with your project!