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10.4" Lilliput Vertical Install Complete [Scion tC]

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  • 10.4" Lilliput Vertical Install Complete [Scion tC]

    I rarely post around here, but I've finally finished something I've deemed worthy to post in the Fabrication forum - my vertical oriented 10.4" lilliput touchscreen in my Scion tC

    Here's what it was before that.

    I've relocated the HVAC to the center console [video below]
    The skin, which i created from scratch, is running on Centrafuse.
    the HVAC has been integrated into the computer via an Arduino chip.

    Here are some shots of the skin

    And here is a video I put together to talk about the skin, screen and hvac relocation. Fullscreen it and sound if you can.

    Thanks guys!
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    Excellent job on the skin as well as fabrication.

    Would you mind sharing this custom skin as well as more details on how you've gone about interfacing the HVAC with the computer via Arduino.


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      I could share the skin, but its only fleshed out far enough to what I use in centrafuse, not the entire skin + it's only built for a vertical screen - so most people would find it useless.

      the hvac is written in the arduino language as well as visual c. really basic actually, press a button on the screen, send a signal out of the arduino to the actual existing hvac controller board to simulate a button press and viola. its all hard wired and kind of a hack, there are probably better ways to go around it but our knowledge only expands so far with this stuff. glad you like it!
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        Wow, really nice work there mate! Good stuff


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          What Model Tc is that?


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            it's a 2006 - first gen. Scion tC
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              whats the screen like in the sunlight? Looks like a nice clean install mate.


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                Originally posted by NoTec View Post
                I could share the skin, but its only fleshed out far enough to what I use in centrafuse, not the entire skin + it's only built for a vertical screen - so most people would find it useless.
                Many thanks!!! I guess it should still be a good reference for people who is planning a vertical install. There aren't many vertical skins to start with in first place.


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                  Excuse me, but that's incredibly... Schweet! Nice.
                  Play with it, 'til it's broke.


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                    beautiful work man, very seamless!!!
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                      ummm... yeah!! Vert screen all the way!! I need to update my build thread, cause I've definitely made some great progress from where I left it off at.

                      You know - if I was to go with Centrafuse I'd definitely have to have you skin. I may just have to give it a try to see how it really works. That's the main thing that's held me back is having to go and build another skin for my vert screen. I'd want to try it out before I buy it.

                      Another one I want to try is OpenMobile, but would also need to dab into skin design. RideRunner was easy for me to pick up on, so that's what I've used.
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                        Any Chance you could post how you did the arduino for the HVAC would love to know how to do that. Like a quick DIY for that


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                          AWESOME HVAC integration, from the screen to the arduino to keeping the stock stuff as a back up just awesome
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                            About he best fab I've seen. Awesome job brother. I also have a first gen 2006 tc, I'll be looking atmdping a similar 10.4 vertical. What did you use to hold the screen in? Or did you fabricate your own bracket?

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