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    Hi all. I am trying to find a good site to learn how to use fiberglass. I would like to start with a small project making a mount for my carpc monitor and then move to a big project of making a hard top for my jeep wranger. I want to learn as much as possible before beginning and would like to know if any of you can point me in the right direction. Ive done a few quick google searches but didnt pull up much. Thanks for any help.
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    Look in the fabrication area here in the forums. Lot's of good stuff.

    As for a hard-top??? lolo, that's a lot of material, time and cash.
    Are you thinking of being creative? IF not, maybe just buying a cheap crappy one and refurbishing it might make more sense.


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      i think it would be better/easier to get a premade top..

      fiberglass can be very brittle, so if your jeep flex's a lot(like while off-roading) you could crack the top...
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        Check out Nexson's posts here. He's one of the fiberglass fabrication masters.
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          for your top for the jeep, polyurethane foam will be your friend. Can bond it together with epoxy resin with cabosil or microballons. then sand it to shape. Spray on more resin with microballons. sand the surface then lay the glass. body work the glassed top with body filler, sand and paint. creating a home made hard top for your jeep with a foam core structure. glassed inside and out. could even make an enclosure for your screen in the top.
          there are other composite materials such as nidacore that can also aide you in your project.