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Dash plastic filler in Canada

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  • Dash plastic filler in Canada

    hey guys..

    So i took the case of the 7" lcd and cut it so that the holes to put the screws in for screen are still there, and the case can fit in my 2din slot. (03 civic carbon fibre dash..)

    NOw i have 2 options
    1) to make a bezel like suggested in the DIY in this section..
    2) cut the 2din bezel that had my aftermarket will be extremely tight since the length of the frame is very close the length of the aftermarket casing.

    Which option would you suggest??
    For option 1 , what;s the name of a good plastic like filler material that is available in Canada. I looked up Canadian Tire and PartSource and all i could find was the bumper repair kit. Or is there some thing that i can rder online...


    PS: this is my first fabrication hence some basic questions...

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    Making a bezel from scratch will be more involved, but if it yields the best results, that is probably the route you should go. I faced a similar situation and chose to simply mod the existing dash bezel because it had a number of compound curves that I felt would be difficult to match and locate proper mounting points.

    When I modded the dash, I used a combination of plastic, as I had some pretty big fab holes to deal with and bumper plastic. The bumper repair plastic is basically epoxy, so lay it down and smooth it out as close as you can, then use a file and various coarse to medium sandpapers to get it close, let it dry, then fill the inevitable spots with more bumper plastic and repeat.

    To get it silky smooth, after sanding the bumper plastic as smooth as I could, I used glazing compound, which is much softer and requires much finer grades of sandpaper, eventually getting it down to wet sand and 800 grit.

    Then I sprayed the whole thing with texture spray paint. You can also use truck bed liner spray on. Both worked pretty well and turned out decent. I'm no pro, so there's always room for improvement, but the results were better than I expected them to be.

    Details and pictures in my worklog.
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      @bugByte.. thx for the info... I guess I will try making my own bezel...I only have one small curve to take care off..