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Perforated or closed DD case is better?

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  • Perforated or closed DD case is better?

    I'm planning on building a DD case from aluminum and I was wondering if I should get some perforated material or it's better if I keep the case closed and use two fans to vent the case?
    I would use two fans with the perforated case also, but I was wondering if the cooling it would be less efficient since it's perforated.
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    nobody knows?


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      It's not a matter of knowing or not, it's a matter of design. Each way could be equally effective in cooling if designed properly. Just pay attention to airflow, direction, and heat pockets you might create depending on design choices.

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        i would think a closed case with a case fan blowing air in, and your cpu fan blowing air out an opening. I have mine this way. a pc case fan on the side drawing air into the sealed case, and the cpu and video chipset fans taking heat away from the heatsink outside the case. top of my case is acrylic so just cut 2 holes above the cpu and video chip fans and glued a piece of acrylic tube extending down to the fans. works very well.


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          that's a great idea, thanks. I was thinking on something similar using a fan on the top front of the case(close to the lcd)which would draw air into the case and use a shield to orient the cpu's and gpu's fan exaust to the back of the case where it would be another fan puling the air out.
          but I think your method sound very good also, I have to think it over. thanks again.


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            i got my Idea from my drafting pc tower i built. it has a huge bellmouth velocity stack looking thing on the side cover right above the cpu fan. air is drawn in and exits out the rear case fan. i just reversed mine for the car pc. In an atempt to keep under dash dust out of the pc or at least off the cpu heatsink.


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              A think a closed case is fine. I have the Morex 5677 the two small fans are a joke. I cut out an aperture above the cpu fan and put a grill/filter there. The cpu fan grabs fresh air and blow down on the heat sink. I added another small fan above the north bridge heat sink, attached to the case with another new aperture with grill/filter. On the other side of the case I have another fan blowing air out. The fan I have blowing air out moves more CFM's then the two fan blowing air in... this is so that there's no bottlenecking of hot air in the case from the components.


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                And usually just one fan blowing in is all that;s needed. (Convection-wise, preferably not from the top, but if that give best targeting....)

                Usually an extraction fan isn't needed - it can even hinder if causing more direct in-out flow hence missing targets. (Plus lower air density in extreme cases causing less cooling.)