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my bondo's gone thick.....

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  • my bondo's gone thick.....

    ok I guess what i have is bondo, its grey, its polyester, its sold to me as p38 / u-pol c.

    mix a bit of hardener and oit gets warm and sets.

    problem is I stored it outside and something has happened, its leaked a kind of clear liquid, which has risen to the surface, and set into a lump of what looks to the eye like solidified silicone rubber.

    I guess thats the active part and i'm now left with the grey 'filling' that was suspended in the liquid.

    It can stil be used, but its not very stiff to work with, its adhesive properties seem to have gone so its now filler only, and its only good for big bits that dont have fine detail.

    can i somehow add something back into this?

    what about the clear liquid supplied with sheets of glass matting?
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966

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    From what I understand, that clear liquid is resin. When I used bondo and needed to thin it, I'd just add resin. I guess you can do the same. But really... Do yourself a favor buy some evercoat rage gold or extreme. You never go back. I've never had to thin this stuff. It's amazing to work with.


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      thanks, can you give a link or clue to what resin is requied, i guess i'll have issue buying it on this island but its worth a shot..

      only one i think i may find is this

      which is clear, I think its hardener is clear, and you brush it onto glass matting

      dont think evercoat sell over here, never heard of them.

      we had davids isopon and upol, and that now seems to be just upol
      Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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        I'm typing from my phone so I can't put a link Easily but I would use the same brand resin as the filler. Evercoat sells and ships online.


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          k thanks, yeah i know what u mean when i try to view stuff online with the phone links and pictures dont always turn out like you think they will.
          Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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            Here's the evercoat product line right off amazon:
            Evercoat filler
            Evercoat finish coat
            Evercoat spot putty

            Evercoat site: