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PC and Climate Control Question?

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  • PC and Climate Control Question?

    I have an in dash carpc. If warm air from the air conditioner is blowing on my mobo in the winter will it cause my PC to have problems? My PC is not enclosed behind the dash, so the air blows right in across the mobo, but I have plenty of ventilation back there, but I like it nice and toasty inside my car when its cold(hate to be cold...or even chilly for that matter). I do have fans installed. It will be tricky to block off the vent in its current location. Summer months present no problem.

    Thanks in advance!!!
    Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)

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    How is air blowing on the PC. The vents have ducts that go straight to them... maybe its ducts are getting hot and the inside of the dash is getting hot through radiant heat. If thats the case you can always try to insulate the ductwork. which may be difficult. Think of exposed duct work in department stores that have what seem to be blanketed. Thats so that the hot/cold air generated at the HVAC unit is still roughly that same temp at the diffusers or vents.

    Another option, get longer connects and relocated the pc to an area that you can more easily control the environment e.g. under the seat, in the center console, in the trunk. I'd go with relocating.