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  • Seattle custom fabrication

    I am looking to get a Motorola Xoom (tablet like an iPad) installed in my dash to replace my current computer setup.

    I am in the Seattle area, any recommendations for someone who could do this work?

    Also when trying to search for installers I have trouble since I am not sure what they are called? I tried "car audio fabrication"... any help for search terms?

    To get an idea of what I'd like.. something like the below video but without motorization.

    Finally, approximately how much am I looking at paying for installation? I understand it could vary widely based on the installer, my car, and requirements but is it possible this could be done < $1000?

    B Smoov
    Project Status: 90% Complete

    Next Step: TIVO for Radio

    Ampie Case :: MII10000 Mobo :: M1-ATX PSU :: 512MB RAM :: 2.5" HD, 60GB, 5400rpm, 16MB Buffer :: DWW-700H :: Centrafuse