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Working with polycarbonate

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  • Working with polycarbonate

    I'm fabricating a windshield mount for my iphone so I can use GPS, take HD video while offroading, have music and have my klinometer viewable. It is based on an otterbox case, which uses a separate holster piece - this is what the mount will be built off of - the phone and case will pop into. Anyway, I contacted otterbox and they informed me the holster is polycarbonate (was hoping they'd say ABS!). Anyway, how will polycarb react to acetone? I was really hoping to make the rest of my mount out of various pieces of ABS pipe/fittings molded together. But idk now... is there anyway to get a chemical bond between ABS and polycarb? If not, can I plastic-weld/heat-mold polycarb (as in make a wood mold and heat shape a sheet of polycarb over it)?

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    I finally searched google enough to find my answer - that I can dissolve/glue polycarb with acetone. Still not sure about using it with ABS but I think I'll pass and buy a polycarb sheet to form. If anyone else has more info or personal experience on this though, I'd be happy to hear it!

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    I used polycarbonate sheeting for a high voltage (30KV) outdoor project. It does not weaken or breakdown under intense sunlight.
    I found it very easy to shape with a heat gun and work with.
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      Thanks, this is perfect considering this mount will be affixed to the windshield with a rear view mirror mount and will be in direct sunlight! Any issues with painting polycarb? I was thinking Krylon Fusion should work great.


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        after some bad experiences with very smooth plastic, i always try to rough the plastic up a little to promote good adhesion(nexson would probably say to use something like 200grit, i don't like to go below 800-1,000)
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          oh yeah, I'd for sure rough it up a bit but thanks for throwing that out there!


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            Another question, I'm gonna drape form this into a three dimensional shape, over a wooden form with a heat gun; basically something the size and shape of a box of cards with one of the large faces open. I'l'l need to fill in the seems... can I use shavings of leftover polycarb and acetone to make sludge like I would with ABS?