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Dash shaving concerns.

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  • Dash shaving concerns.

    Hey guys, i'm new here and need some help on a build I just started. I have read a good bit but am having trouble finding answers to my specific situation. I am shaving my AC vents, old switch holes, and a random place I cut out because I wanted it smooth as well.

    I have used floral foam to rough in a few of the areas and will complete the other tomorrow. I am concerned about how to finish each area though. I know I can use fiberglass mat and resin but I believe it would be difficult to get the area to be flush with the surrounding surface. I am thinking that maybe I can find me some ABS pipe or similar at lowes/home depot and make some thicker "liquid ABS" and spread it over top the foam and sand it until it's where I need it, and the other is to use just some kitty hair and spread over the surface until it is smoothed over after being sanded.

    I want to believe you can't just bondo/kitty hair over the foam and it be strong enough but I have been wrong many times before.

    If it were your build, what would you do? I have linked to a photo below. I would appreciate any help available.

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    define "strong enough". Strong enough to to just stay there? Strong enough for someone to accidentally push on? Short of fiberglass any other solution on top of foam is going to crack eventually.... When is just a matter of what you plan on doing with the surfaces once completed Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      I guess strong enough would be if someone pushed on the area, it wouldn't crack or pop out of place. You answered my question sort of round about I guess too haha. I think I will look into taping over the holes with blue tape and glass from the back side then fill/body work with a little bondo.

      Does that sound a bit better than how I have the foam set up right now?


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        I think I will just glass it from the backside with a strip of tape over the front to keep it flat. I don't want to risk breaking things if a little force is put on them. Glass from the back and body work from the front?


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          being that it appears to be a plastic bezel, it would be best to try to locate a similar type of plastic to crudely fill in the holes, and then from there, use different plastic-compatible fillers to get the surface smooth--so you use a very minimal amount of filler.

          if you use abs sludge, or fiberglass over the holes, it might look ok at first, but after a while, will start to crack because of the different expansion/contraction rates of the different materials.
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            well that's 2 differing opinions that i've gotten. i went ahead and glassed it, i will be putting tweed over the dash portion, (blue in pic, not black) and I will redo it if it is ever needed, i hope it will hold out for me though. I will post pics of progress when its worth showing.


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              If you look on the back of the panel, you may find a code to describe the material used; it will probably be cryptic, but many follow established abbreviation standards. It may even have a standard recycling code.

              Another option would be to locate a model-specific forum for your car and see if anyone can tell you what dash and bezel materials were used.

              A third option would be to see if you can identify it yourself using the guide at Urethane Supply.

              Once you've established the material and made the patches, there are some terrific finishing and painting guides from Nexson and others here on the MP3Car forum.
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