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Ford fusion dash replacement problem

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  • Ford fusion dash replacement problem

    Hi everyone.

    While planning my project I came across a little problem.
    I have a 2011 ford fusion without sync screen and my dash has 2 colors.
    One is silver where sound controls are and the other matches the color of the vehicle.
    Since my car is black, my dash kinda matches with a chess-style dark color (as seen on below pic, sorry for quality).

    Well, all these metra/scosche dash kits are either BLACK or SILVER. None matches perfectly my needs. (seen below)

    Does any1 know any easy to find material I can use to make it more or less like it was before?
    I seen somewhere around here a 3M tape that I could use, but cant find it anywhere now.
    Sorry for my english

    Thank you in advance,


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    Your pic is not good enough to see what the colour looks like but basically, if it's a solid, a good auto paint store can match it and then you can have it painted. If it's sort of a CF looking deal, there maybe some vinyl available that could be used to wrap it.
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      Your cleanest and "closest to factory" looking option would be to buy a new color matched center bezel from a local dealer parts counter (or order it online). Buy a center bezel for a 2011 Fusion with factory navigation option. The only downside to this option is the high cost. The bezels for the 2011's are not cheap (TeamFord sells them for $221-$256, actual price depends on color). If the link doesn't bring you to the right place, you can get to it manually by selecting Instrument Cluster > Instrument Cluster > Center Bezel > W/ Navigation. Eventually used bezels will show up on eBay, but right now that model year/style is still too new so generally the only option is to buy new from the dealer.

      Otherwise, you'll either have to paint a new panel yourself (a 'for plastics' paint such as Krylon Fusion paint may work well), pay to have the panel professionally painted (expensive) or just deal with the black or silver. I'm guessing you have other center console panels that match that color (?), so the silver would look out of place, but the black my look ok if you just try it as-is. Remember, the monitor will become the focal point of that panel, the color of the panel won't matter as much as it did with the bland and un-exciting factory radio in there. I would go with the black panel and try it out, since it is in the dead center of the dash/console and the other colors surround it you may find that it doesn't look as bad as you imagined it would.

      Good Luck
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        Here`s a better picture of my stock dash.

        Found out in another forum that there are 3M fiber carbon sheets that may keep the stock feel.


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          Yea, wraps or color matching it with paint are your best options. Spend the bucks and have a pro do it since your care is new. It will look better in the end.