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  • advice on first project by n00bl0r


    Firstly, awesome forum. Lots of really cool projects being done by members and ive learnt a lot by browsing over the last few days.

    Anyways, I have a 2003 350z. The thing i like least about it is the cubby in the centre console and i want to get rid of it.

    I've taken a lot of inspiration from this thread. My goal is to build a similar custom bezel to house an ebay GPS/reverse camera unit. I'm really not interested in a carputer: i just want a intergrated GPS with a reversing camera.

    After a bit of searching, i've settled on this unit off ebay for $169. It does everything i want it to, its cheap and it looks okay.

    I have a problem though: the power button for the unit is on the top edge, which means it will be concealed by the bezel when installed, so i have to find a way to relocate the power button. Ive searched for a couple of days on here trying to find a way around this. First i thought that i could just take the case apart, do a bit of soldering and extend some wires, thus relocating the button somewhere else. However, i don't think this will work becuase the power button is likely to operate by pressing down on some part of the circuit board inside the unit without the use of any wires. Also, i think it is unlikely that the power button will be on a separate ribbon.

    Is anybody able to point me in the direction of solution to this problem??

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    A lot of us who have/had laptops or netbooks would use the pins on the actual boards. The laptop I had used a button press that hit another button on the board. What I did was found the 4-6 "pins" that were soldered on around the button, and found the 2 needed to short together to activate the power button. Just a thought if you find there are not wires to splice into already.
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