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1994 holden statesman touch screen ideas

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  • 1994 holden statesman touch screen ideas

    hey just thought i'd post a quick pic, see if anyone had any tips for me...

    i've bought the screen but I want to make it look as OEM as possible... im going to move the abs/irs part to the bottom to take up that space and my screen with fill the space above it within 5mm r so gap... the climate control will stay where it is...

    heres a pic of what it looks like now, any ideas would be awesome

    Click image for larger version

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    i think the best suggestion would be to follow the sticky at the top of this section. you already have a good game plan, which is usually half the battle.
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      Had same idea(vp calais) and it is a good option. However i choose not to do it. Instead i fitted the screen just above stereo and just below air vents. i did this as i wanted to keep everything original and the touch screen 8" within easy reach and view. Your idea is good for the OEM effect and will work well. Here's a vid of the screen set up in my vehicle if your interested.


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        ... Nice setup!!
        I did think about just a single din touch screen, but as i will probably sell the car with the car pc included i thought i may aswell integrate it...
        finding the screen was the hard bit, as you would know, there is **** all room behind the stereo, even hard to fit wires behind standard head unit...
        screen arrives on monday so i guess i will figure out if its going to work then


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          Let me know if you want to dispose of your current Alpine front panel...


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            Fantastic! look forward to seeing the finished project. Ya right. Bugger all room behind head unit and i think that was the hardest part of the install was getting the head unit back in without pinching cables.


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              A couple of days ago I suggested doing exactly the same thing to my girlfriends VS, which has a similar layout. She forbade me. Which is probably just as well, the main problem that I could foresee is that the screen would be very low down on the dash, so the eyes would have to travel a much longer distance than if the screen was mounted, for example, where the air-vents above the head unit are. If you were planning on running a GPS this could be too distracting while driving, probably more dangerous.

              Just my thoughts. Would you be willing to relocate the air-vents as an alternative?


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                Screen to low

                i have thought about this, but i live in cairns, if you need a gps then you have some serious problems... most of the setup will be for wank factor more then anything/passenger can watch movies/surf internet on long trips....

                The screen arrived today and its a little smaller then i thought, so now that i have a little space, i am thinking of mounting the screen on a tilting bracket so i can tilt it up towards me...

                guess this weekend will test my fabrication skills out...


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                  Alright so I've installed the screen temporarily into the car to test its operation and so on...
                  made some brackets up and after a fair bit of swearing managed to get it set in solid... cables will obviously be behind the dash and when i finish and i will get a black surround made up to fit perfectly around the screen, cardboard is the template...

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Lookin good! Will be a nice oem look when you have your black surround made and fitted. What you doing with cd head unit? Or are you having a straight to amp set up?


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                      Just a thought. Have you considered making a bracket where the face of the touchscreen pivots down so the bottom of screen moves into bottom console to allow you access to the head unit? This would require a different surround finish of course. Hope this crappy drawing explains what im talking about.


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                        that would work, but decided ive to go with a straight up amp setup do away with the headunit altogether... finding a radio solution is going to be a pain in the *** from what i hear but see how I go... also going to try to get the steering wheel controls working aswell so that solves my issue with changing the volume/stations/tracks.... also limits my eyes off the road etc....

                        i cant wait to get the surround made... but i just dont want to rush it incase everything falls in a heap lol....

                        was hoping to continue actually get the cpu in this weekend but work has failed me on that idea....
                        more to come soon!!