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350z PC+ABS center console HELP

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  • 350z PC+ABS center console HELP

    Okay, so I completely new at fabricating/modifying dashes. My current plan is going okay, but I have a few questions for longevity. I have a Nissan 350z that I am trying to install an iPad in, so I can have it operate as my "headunit." I will no longer have a head unit. I seen another person's 350z with the iPad installed on this website, but found no useful information on that particular thread. I have already dremeled my console for the iPad mount which was simply made out of birch wood. The birch wood iPad mount is already installed. Here's where the problem starts. I think I may have screwed up for the long run although it is perfect right now. So, my console says PC+ABS on the back. The only way I knew of fabricating thisinto my console was by using fiberglass and bondo. So I took my dremel with the carving bit and cut tons of little pits and grooves all over my console. Then I applied Gorilla Glue Super Glue all over the console, and took some spray adhesive, sprayed it on some fleece, and wrapped the console with it while the Super glue was still wet. Then I fiberglassed over the fleece once it adhered to the plastic. I didn't know about Dynatron or any of those plastic bumper repair kits. This is so frustrating. Is what I have done so far a complete waste? Do you think it will resist the temperature extremes inside the car and not crack on down the road. I planned on using bondo on top of the fiberglass for the finish. However, do you think I should by some Dynatron and use it as a spot filler and use that 3M bumper repair kit over the fiberglass to finish the project. YOUR HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!! This website is AWESOME!!!! Just wished I would have found it before tonight.

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    Sorry my original post is so long. It is really only three questions....I just wanted everyone offering assistance to have clear and concise info for my build.....Thanks!!!!!