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Replace Vents with Speakers (help request)

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  • Replace Vents with Speakers (help request)

    *well, replace the vents with speaker grills, at least. I'm sure I can find a way to get the speakers mounted in there*

    So, I'm planning to redirect my front, center vent to feed to the back seat because I want to use that spot on the dash for speakers that I will have dedicated to my phone system. I don't want to use the current vents as speaker grills, so I was wondering...

    What would be the best way to attach metal speaker grills to the back of the plastic?

    I thought about using melted plastic to adhere the grills to the panel from the back, but I'm concerned that over time they would get loose and rattle. The other option that came to mind is to put in screw mounts (the plastic is too thin to drive screws into directly & expect it to hold without popping out of the face) and using screws with washers to hold the metal to the plastic. I know which would be easier, but am I over thinking this? Are there any other methods that come to mind?

    Any feedback/advice is appreciated.

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    i would just use some 2-part 5min epoxy. it usually bonds plenty good across differing materials, and shouldn't break down over time.
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      Look here at the center console on the first page and just under that I did some gauges in an unused vent. I used the 5 min epoxy to secure mdf to the stock plastic. Then mounted to that. Also note the dots all over the mdf (center console). Those are drill hole through both the mdf and the plastic. I put the expoxy not only on the surface, but between the two materials, but made sure to stuff some through the holes so it almost rivets itself, pinning the two mediums together. After making the console, I accidentally dropped it from above shoulder height... never separated, not even a crack.

      You could do the same. Epoxy a surface to mount/screw the grill into.
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        Interesting idea, DJ. I need to hurry up and get the main pieces thrown together to see just how much space I have. Still brainstorming on how I will run the vents to the back... really, how to redirect the air downward. I have everything to take it through the console. It could also end up that I don't have room to put speakers there along with new air ducts, and rebuilding the console or at least mounting these speakers there, is not out of the question. I'll leave that stuff for later. It's more audio that fabrication for the questions I'd have.