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    I have this weekend been making up the dash surround for the screen that i have. Unfortunetly the gap was bigger than the screen so i have had to fabricate a ABS surround which seems to be sized up ok. The only issue that i have is the finish on the screen (see images). Any advice on what to do to get that smooth finish i need?

    Do i need to build it back up with filler and they try and somehow get the flat finish? Also how do you form corners properly with body filler?

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    Looks like you are close. I haven't worked with ABS but would guess you need to add more material and then sand it smooth. If the valleys are lower than you want the finished surface then you must add more material.

    Body filler is very sand able and forms very hard. I would just add way more than you need then use coarse sand paper or a dremel to get it close then use increasingly more fine grit until it is very smooth. I would think 400+ is needed for final sanding.


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      The problem i seem to be having with the body filler is that it seems to have the same texture in part as rubber when im trying to work with it. at some points its sanding to a dust which is fine however there are parts where its just peeling away in a whole piece.


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        You are sure you are using enough hardner right? Is this stuff old? Also, make sure you rough up the surface with like 100 grit first. Also clean with paint thiner or something.


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          You're doing a fine job. Just building it up further, and use 40 grit to sand it down to the shape you want. Then, if it is ABS, use a paint brush and paint acetone or better yet, MEK on the surface lightly. The MEK will melt the ABS smoothly it out. Or, you can then use filler, then sand smooth with 150 then a finer grit. Prime, then paint.