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start with oem ezel or start from scratc

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  • start with oem ezel or start from scratc

    just seing what some think. I have a 2000 civic that has a prety large opeining in the dsh for a screen. previously had a 7" screen in there with video only hooked to dvd player. looked really nice since it fit inthe factory bezel perfectly. now I havethe car pc up and running im going with the 0.1" widescreen i have and need of some insight of what to do about the bezel. Wondering if it would be easier and turn out a better fitting/ more professional product if i cut up the oem bezel and modified it to fit the large screen while removing the 2 a/cvents and the climate controls. Or,,,, if i should just start from scratch with a piece of high density blue foam, and then sand and shape it to what i want, either make a mold of it then a fiberglas part from the mold or just lay some glss over the foam and make the finished part that way. i have the ability to make it either way just would like some comments on hich way is preferred and turns out a better result.