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DIY steering wheel remote for cars that dosent have.

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  • DIY steering wheel remote for cars that dosent have.

    So, my car is pretty old, and there was no ption of passing cables for Steering wheel remote... So heres what i did. I think is pretty easy to be done from everyone without any much specific experiences!
    Normaly, since your car wont propably have airbag in the wheel, you will have plenty of space to work behind the mask of the wheel.
    So, i took a usb wirless remote for the pc, and i stripped its board. as you can see the keys, are normal circuits that close when you press the normal keys. so using some Solder, i glued, cables in those circuits. (This is the only really hard part, since the job is a liitle ditailed, but since i pulled it ovwer, i think everyone can. )
    this is how it looked like:
    Click image for larger version

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    Then , drill some holes , in the mask, add the buttons of your like, fill the holes with some putty (in my case it was polyster putty), and you are done! i used as keys the numpad numbers, so with macros and hotkeys, they can do almost anything!
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    first layer of putty :
    Click image for larger version

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    and finally with allot of sanding, and osme acrylic paint :
    Click image for larger version

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    Great idea but don't settle for that - do a little (ok, a lot) more sanding. Do it without the buttons installed. I would go ahead and do the entire face, not just the corners.
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      Next step - wireless battery charging, else using the horn circuit to charge them.


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        battery isint a problem, since it lasts at least 2 years, and when it gets over, the mask is way to easy to remove and put new! i was thinking the horn harness, to give power to LEDS, but i couldn't find a way to do it without the horn shouting all the time (Any ideas on that would be welcome )
        Ye... about the sanding, i didint really knew if it was enough or not, only after the painting... so now i dont know if i can sand over the paint!!


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          Originally posted by settra View Post
          Normaly, since your car wont propably have airbag in the wheel
          Say what? In the USA, airbags are required in all passenger vehicles produced after 1 April 1989 (light trucks added in 1997). Unless you bought an aftermarket steering wheel or your airbag has already been deployed, nearly everyone in the States has a driver's airbag.

          Very good concept, though, for those that are not using a steering wheel airbag. Personally I'd push it to the point of nearly looking like an F1 wheel. Like this:
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            well it seems that EU is back on that, since mine is 1992, and dosent have one installed (and believe me its not the only one i know of!!)


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              There are ways to send power and signals - depending on mods.

              The horn buttons typically short the ring to ground (the grounded steering shaft).
              The ring then grounds the horn relay coil whose other end is IGN +12V.
              Usually the relay takes a few hundred mA to energise (usually ~6-8V).

              If power is low, then power can be fed through the relays coil - maybe up to 100mA?

              But other methods include sending whatever you like to the horn ring - like AC signals on DC etc - but these are high impedance (resistance) signals or DC so as not to trigger the relay. (The horn button is a low impedance "short".)
              Signalling is usually fine since it's low power stuff.

              It's been ages since I looked at stuff like that, but I reckon a web search should find something, maybe multiplexed or AC signalling on horn circuits?

              Sorry, I'm tired and about to leave on a 10 hour drive.
              I'll be back in a few days.


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                Oh, Settra, I didn't notice it was you who posted. Being from Greece, you have different regulations there. My apologies if I came across as rude.

                In your situation, though, with a wheel like that, I would definitely have a ton of fun with it. The shape and lack of airbag make for LOTS of fun options. A full keyboard, a gaming board (with programmable macro keys), a trackball and mouse buttons... You could even put a screen* on that. Possibilities are endless.

                *if you do put a screen on your steering wheel, make sure to use a clear covering, such as acrylic or lexan to prevent shattered glass from flying into your face if you are in an accident


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                  ha its ok, np yes, but my problem was that i cant pass extra cables, so i have to setle for something wirless! but even with that, even more keys are do-able:> btw i got it on again i will try to sand it better this time! thanks for the feedback though!


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                    Why not use a wireless remote?

                    Click image for larger version

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                      mainly cause i dont know how to hook it on the computer but there is more.. i dont really like their look and they can sometimes give you hard times when driving...


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                        Originally posted by Quaraxkad View Post
                        Why not use a wireless remote?


                        That would look SUPPPPPER whack on a car that has a custom computer, Amp's, Subwoofers, Custom paint/doors/dash/Leather and new carpet.

                        Imagine that your car is so pimped out. Then you get the idea for easy access using your Steering wheel. Well your whole car is boss and you are going for a clean, modern, and sleek feel. Having a Gray snap on remote that costs like 10$ from china is not going to do it. This tutorial is a little to basic considering the final result is not the best but the idea is awesome.

                        Sand your steering wheel more by the way lol.


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                          lol thanks will do when i have the time


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                            don't like!

                            i would prefer something like the attached image of an seat ibiza radio remote, it's attached behind the steering wheel, and should look more OEM
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                              what part of the " i cant pass cables through my steering wheel" you failed to understand ? If i used something BEHIND the steering wheel, then it would be as "disturbing" as using the touch screen instead... whats the point?? although it could be a good addition to the steering wheel buttons, for some less used functions.