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Fitting a Joggler to my dash

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  • Fitting a Joggler to my dash

    Hey guys, if this is the wrong place then feel free to move it.

    Got my Joggler a few days ago, unfortunately i've found out that the screen is part of the front bezel and won't come away without destroying the touchscreen - so i'll just put the entire front bezel into my dash.

    It is just the tiniest bit too tall, so I imagine if I get a new center piece and cut the bottom lip away to the size of the screen I will end up with a perfect size hole.

    The only problem then is filling the gaps at the sides/moulding the whole thing into a dash piece - What's the recommended way of doing so? I did think of creating a mould out of wood, lining with material of some description and then using ABS+Acetone/MEK to create a solid plastic piece of dash that would slot in exactly, but i'm open to ideas to make my life easier!

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    I had never heard of that device, I had to look it up. ( for anyone else that is curious).
    Looks neat.

    As for your question, it does depend on what your looks requirements are. I'd consider using thin plastic to build the frame, solvent welding it together than painting it with Plasti-dip.

    I've read that bondo can carck over time, as it expands/contracts at a different rate than the plastic, so don't just gob that on or it may not last.
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      Got hold of a center console dash piece from a donor car so I can cut out the appropriate hole so I can get the screen to actually fit. I've also found a source of some florists foam, hopefully this will be easier to mould a bezel from (and then do some magic to turn that into a permanent bezel). Then all I need to do is create a small enclosure for the board, usb hub, small amp and 5v regulator, and then fix it all to the center console piece so I can remove it all in one go.

      I did try making a solid foam block with some expanding foam and a cardboard box..... but it's been a good 6 days and it's not set yet!


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        im in the process of fitting a joggler in my car also i have a 12v-5v dc-dc converter and it boots the joggler up fine. Im at the stage of trying to mount the thing in my dash, i have enough space but im unsure how to mount it so i can remove it when i need to. Only other idea i had was to remove the lcd from the bezel and buy a usb touchscreen overlay so i can do away with the bezel and make my own.