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  • Motorize Nexus 7


    I want to install nexus 7 in my car, in front of my pioneer radio. I'd like to use motorized nexus 7 to access to pioneer radio and to get out tablet.

    I see this video and it's exactly what i want.

    Somebody know how to achieve this system ?

    Apparently it's use acuator, only thing i know

    Thank and sorry for my bad english

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    I found another video.

    I don't understand how screen can go back without problems?


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      That's awesome. would love to do that with my Android tablet. I have a Xoom so definitely seems doable.

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        I do want a How-to for that! So awesome.

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          Cool i'm happy to not be alone on this project


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            Should just be a stepper motor attached to a custom bezel. Off the top of my head Id say you would end up building a smaller version of an electric cutout for an exhaust system: (Skip to 1:42)
            A smaller version of that would handle rotating the display, to get it to slide up and down it could be something as simple as having the display mounted to a track or rails so that as it rotates it also slides down. It would take some work to get to work but could be done. Another idea would be a small linear actuator attached below the screen with the arm attached to the top of the screen and some small rails attached to the sides of the bezel pivoting near the middle of the screen it would allow the screen to pivot and lower at the same time.


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              I like your second idea.

              I'll try to draw something to check. You think arm to the top is necessary ?


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                The arm attatched to the top of the screen was just the first idea that came to my (slightly drunk) mind, its only purpose would be to raise and lower the screen while still allowing it to pivot. If the screen just pivoted and didnt move up and down you wouldnt be able to really get to anything hidden behind the screen unless you put the pivot point at the bottom of the screen and had it tilt forward and out of the way, or at the top where it would pivot out and up. Doing something like Ive (poorly) illustrated below should give you a better idea of what my idea is.
                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                Using a curved rail will cause the screen to rotate while the actuator pulls it down. The actuator would be mounted to a hinge or pivot point at the top of the screen so that it can pivot at that point. A small rail and wheel attatched to the side of the screen will allow it to slide while rotating.. not too sure on how to word it, but hopefully the pictures make sense.
                Instead of using a linear actuator a worm gear something like this:
                I cant tell from the sound of the original video what kind of system they are using, but its gotta be one of these two designs.

                After watching the video again (and again) I think I might of figured out another way of doing it. Doing it this way would might be easier since it involves straight guide rails, but the downside is that it requires the actuator to be mounted horisontally and you might not have the depth behind the screen to do it, but a worm gear would solve that problem since it is a smaller component. In addition, this method would provide more stability to the screen since the two points that it is supported by when its lowered/extedned are spread further out. The first method would prove to be quite bouncy while driving since the support/pivot points are very close together when the screen is lowered/extended.
                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                Hope this helps you understand my vision of how those iPads were motorized and maybe give you some ideas on how to replicate it. I might be over engineering a simple problem but if it gives anyone else ideas feel free to modify/use/critique/destroy my ideas!
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                  that's pretty awesome. nice writeup/pics JT!


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                    Awesome post !

                    Thank a lot for your illustrations !

                    I like second one. What kind of rail can i use to avoid frictions ?