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    I have done some installed in my life and I have always used Liquid nails to glue fram work down to the trunk of cars. I about 2 years ago gluee some stuff down and just realized its starting to break free. Any one out there have another solution for attaching some wood down to the floor of a vehicle aside from running screws into it.

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    Silmilar to what you used but I think alittle better product Lepage's PL Premium I have used this brand for years in various situations. Mostly in an outdoor enviroment and exposed to elements in Canada. Hope this helps SNO


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      I have not don't this, just seen it done, but a co-worker had rattling problems with a big box in his trunk, so he pulled up the carpet and wedged his box in, then filled in the gaps above and below with minimal expanding foam.

      The next day we could not get it out. The foam had stuck to the MDF and the metal. We finally got it out by fishing a speaker wire through to the back seat with a coat hanger, then "string sawed" the foam all the way around the box and pushed the box out afterwards.

      We found the foam had stuck to both metal and wood very well. If you want to glue a board down and want it to both stick yet be vibration dampened minimal expanding foam is one thing that will work, but you have to wear blue gloves and cleanup any mess with acetone.

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        You know I never thought of the foam idea...that might be something...hmmmmmm


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          Yes expanding foam can be used for this. Be careful of the foam you get because it can expand quite a bit. I have heard of people bending thin metal sheets with it as it expands. It is better to use too little and let it expand than too much and watch in terror as it bends stuff. Also watch for the durability of the foam. Some are designed to be all weather and won't degrade in the sun while keeping its durability. Others are only intended to be used inside and will get brittle if around humidity and sun. If you are smart about your selection and smart about your application it can work very well.

          Expanding foam can be sprayed into A, B and C pillars to prevent rattling but again, you have to be careful with what you use. I watched someone get a little crazy with it in their car and it ballooned the inside of the pillar slightly.


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            What i need to do is glue two 1.5x1.5 "sticks" that are attached to inch think board on it is edge...Click image for larger version

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              For sticks that size, I would probably use a specialized epoxy adhesive, choose one from chart that supports your needs like the blue 04005:



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                Epoxy will make sure it never comes out...

                Assuming you eventually want to remove this from your car your best bet is going to be use something like Silicon.

                With silicon you will be able to remove it later but will stay in place while you want it there. When removing you may damage the wood but may be your best choice if you want to remove it. Silicon will move and remain pliable as you drive around and vibrate your box so it will not likely come lose until you want it to.



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                  No matte what i use I gotta wait till it gets warmer. This will never be removed...if I do someday get rd of the van I will leave this in it