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Converting 7" Lilliput to flip-out 1Din

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  • Converting 7" Lilliput to flip-out 1Din


    After fours years with a built-in screen, I've recently made changes to the car that make this no longer viable, and the only way to retain my CarPC is to use a 1-DIN flipout screen.

    But it seems a shame to buy a brand new one when I have a perfectly working (if slightly scuffed) Lilliput 7" EBY701. I know this Lilli is too wide for single din, but I also have a Lilliput 619 shell which does fit into a 1 DIN space (just).

    My plan is to swap the 701 internals to the 619 shell, and then build a sliding mount for the screen inside the 1-DIN space in my dash. I'm sure others have done this before, but all the results I've found point to digitalww, which no longer exists (it's where I bought the 619 shell six years ago!).

    So does anyone have any advice, tips and especially photos to help me put this together? I'm not trying to motorise it.