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review before moving forward, galaxy tab 3 install

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  • review before moving forward, galaxy tab 3 install

    I recently started on my galaxy tab 3 install, and i figured before moving forward let me post my plan to see what others think.

    one of my main goals was to have it easily removable so i can use it outside the car.

    See attached photo, i removed the ac controls panel which gives me a perfect spot for the tablet, the ac controls will be relocated below the tablet later. I removed all the buttons, knobs ect... and made a duplicate of the ac panel using fiberglass.
    Ideally I want the following.
    to insert or remove the tablet, i would push the top part of the bezel near top red line, which will push the panel out about a 1/2 inch allowing me to slide the tablet in.
    The bottom green line is where I plan to put in a hinge of some kind which will allow it to open. I am currently working on the trim piece/bezel which goes around the tablet screen. Once the bezel is complete i will attach it to the front side and fiberglass it into the panel, and in the rear i will attach the tablet holder which is basically a mold of the back of the table.
    I am not sure of the name but I was thinking that i could use something similiar to what is used to open cabinet doors with no handles, typically you push in and it opens the cabinet? anyone know what these are called? The only problem i see with this is that there is a lip that goes around the cutout so I will not have much distance to push in, i will have to measure it but im guessing not more than 1/8"

    So thats the plan, if any has any input/advice it would be much appreciated

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    "touch latch" or "push latch"

    typically magnetic:

    also in this style:

    keep in mind this doesn't need to be mounted right next to the edge, since you only have 1/8" lip. you could mount it behind the tablet body even just a little ways down from the top... as long as it's up high enough that when it pushes out it comes far enough to get a finger behind the tablet and pull it free from the magnet. if you can't achieve that, then use the second non-magnetic style - but note that once pushed then the tray/door would flop open all the way instead of only coming out a bit.