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  • Blackbox system,

    I am looking into building a system for my truck that works like an aircraft black box, I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how or what I could use for enclosures that would protect the data from fire, water, and impact

    This is for an 18 wheeler truck not a pickup

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    Same stuff that are used in building Security Safe's maybe??


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      Google "aircraft black box", and you'll get lots of information. Some of the links should lead you down the right path. For example, here's a link that describes the black box system: Page 7 provides an overview of its construction:
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        I have thought about one of the small doc safes but wonder if they would work, Paper actually takes quite a bit of heat to combust, where as I have seen sd cards destroyed sitting in a hot car in the sunlight,

        The other consideration is the fact that moisture would be and issue. I did find that IO Safe has some reasonable Fire and water safe drive enclosures but I wonder about impact.

        I have used some older solid state drives or at least used equipment with them installed, but for some reason even units no older than a year or two failed because of lost O.S data, Trucks have a lot of vibration and hard jars. They also continually change in Temperature, Pressure and moisture. and of course they have fairly large power fluctuations.

        Truck engines take a lot of power to turn over so even with four batteries when cranked voltage can drop down below 10 volts and at charge as high as 14 volts.
        I have went through some pretty expensive technology in under a year before. most of my laptops do good to last two years and that is with at least one power supply replacement due to the invertor.
        Ive actually thought about a system that would compartmentalize all of the system.


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          Yes heat will be an issue definitely, not sure how you can overcome this TBH.