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    Good morning all! I have been a member of for as long as I remember. I used to work in the computer industry doing new system builds while in college. I have since been teaching now for 5 years as a Technology and Engineering teacher and have been running a small design and fab shop out of my house for the past 2 years. I just decided to purchase a newer truck; upgrading from a 94' Ford Ranger to an 05' Dodge RAM 1500 Crew Cab. I have been searching around looking for some inspiration for ideas for the new truck. I haven't seen many builds in the truck that I am specifically getting. I am open to hearing options and set-ups that have worked well. I am really open to any operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android, MAC) as I have dabbled in them all. I have always built my personal desktop computers and recently finished up a build for my new engineering station.

    I have a lot of tools at my disposal here at my home fab shop including a 3D printer and a CNC router. I am in the middle of building a CNC lathe and have a homemade vacuum former 90% completed. I also have a close friend that is very well versed in casting plastic. Since I have done a lot of design work for others, I have usually some starting point to go from. I really appreciate any input that anyone can give and look forward to hearing recommendations. Pictures of the new truck to come soon as a blank canvas.



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    Congrats on the truck, have a look at my work log, not the same truck but most cabs are laid out similar and deal with the same space issues. Specific to the Dodge, there are a couple builds that were done here, you can probably search them out, if not let us know. Others may chime in with their builds and ideas as well.

    Consider starting a work-log here, we all love pictures

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    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE


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      Thanks PhilG! I do not have the truck in my driveway yet as I am waiting for some parts the dealer wanted to put on before I picked it up. Perks of having family work at the dealership. I expect sometime this week I will have it to begin planning. I have seen a lot of use of tablets, small desktop PCs, and even guts of laptops used (like your build). I have a few older laptops laying around that are not much good for anything anymore. My whole idea for the TruckPC is based around my kids. So as much as I would love to go back to the old days and wire up amps, subs, and the whole performance audio, I will be more geared toward DVDs of kids videos, and a GPS system as well as radio. Although tablets are extremely affordable, I'm not sure how 'expandable' they are and easy to get working with other pieces of hardware.

      I still have my first aftermarket head unit and hard drive installed and still working. Kenwood KDC-MP5025 and Kenwood Music Keg. Head unit still works like a charm even the aftermarket Kenwood iPod Harness. Since these part are pretty much antiquated, I don't expect to see them in my new install.

      As I have seen with a lot of different systems, it will always be a work in progress and perfection is never really achieved as there will always be tweaks being made (part of the fun of a TruckPC) I figure the Truck will be the test pilot as I'm sure my wife doesn't want the van torn apart at times to tinker for a few hours, days, months (haha).

      I was very impressed with your fabrication of the console and I am interested in doing something similar. I liked how you made it look like it was supposed to be there the entire time with reusing the cargo storage and cup holders that were already in there. Your project has definitely given me a lot of ideas. And I think moving forward I will definitely be looking in more detail at your work log!



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        Dan, there are a couple of really good threads on here about setting up multiple "stations" at each seating area. See what you can come up with, if you don't find anything let me know and I'll go digging. Maybe someone else will chime in with some ideas as well.

        IIRC, the users here that were quite involved in multiple location screens were HiJackZX1 & RipplingHurst.

        BTW, thanks for the comments on my worklog.
        My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE