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Custom tablet / Nexus 7 Dock ideas?

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  • Custom tablet / Nexus 7 Dock ideas?

    So i'm trying to find/make/have made a dock for my Nexus 7 (2013) and 2014 Mazda 3. I want something that look nice and will let me easily slide the tablet in and out to a USB connection. That usb connection will connect to a hub with a USB dac, 256GB Usb flash drive, and USB hotspot. I'm going to be running Timur's Kernel for car power/sleep/mount features. I can figure all that out, but the mounting has me lost.

    I thought I had found the perfect mount here:
    Which attaches to the dash with this clip:

    Problem is they said the USB plug only provides power, not USB abilities. So I'm trying to think of how I can attach another micro-usb connector the same way. Maybe mold something and attach it I'm not too sure?
    I also bought a Nexus 7 usb dock and was able to pull out the USB dock section as shown here:

    Maybe there's a way to attach that to the proclip? Or if I could fabricate a way to extend the bottom into a rail that would guide the tablet in horizontally, that may work. I need some input on how to do this cleanly. Or someone or a company that could make this for me.

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    I bought a GPS mount from radio shack that will either mount to the windshield with a suction cup or it has clips to hook to the vent which looks similar to the one you have.

    I bought it originally for my HTC Evo 3d and I would clamp it long wise into the mount.

    I have used the same mount for my Samsung GS3, my new Note 3 (Barely fits).

    I have also used it with the Tab 3 7" I got for free from sprint but use the clamp on it top and bottom. I have also used it with my Nexus 7 (2013) short wise as well.
    I just use a standard USB cable to connect to it which should work fine. You MAY be able to rig a Qi charger to the mount if you are industrious. Or just get a generic Qi car mount if one exists. I wouldn't do a specific tablet mount like that because in a year when you get a new tablet you will be buying a new one. I have had this mount now for like 3 years and used with 5 different devices.


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      Make something yourself, it's really not too hard and will be one-off.


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        ive got it in my head to attempt to design a 3d-printed motorized slide-out tablet mount that pops up when the car starts, with a movement action similar to audi's MMI screens

        but it would rest screen-down on the dashboard with some kind of leather covering so it looks more stock when the screen isnt up

        using this design as a basis

        with settings in the STL file in order to let it resize for all kinds of tablet dimensions

        it'll require a lot of design iterations and a lot of wasted plastic but an open source sliding screen sounds really nice
        i'll finish it "some day"(tm)
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          Originally posted by joekitch View Post
          ive got it in my head to attempt to design a 3d-printed motorized slide-out tablet mount that pops up when the car starts, with a movement action similar to audi's MMI screens

          i don't like this system, its the first thing which will break in the whole entertainment system, and it will cost a lot to fix this.

          in the attached image is one system i thought off. white parts are magnets which hold the case closed, yellow part is a servo motor which is used by 3rd Party car central locks, etc.
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            ah, so the tablet is in a fixed position at all times?

            the reason i'm looking at a slide-out thing is so the tablet can be "hidden" when the car is off.

            and because everything is 3d printed aside from the motor for actuation, it costs very little to "fix", and with each fix i can just refine the design.