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Need help with fiberglass LCD mount PT Cruiser

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  • Need help with fiberglass LCD mount PT Cruiser

    I have no experience with fiberglass or custom mounting. I was wondering if anyone in this forum already made a dash mount fiberglass enclosure for the Lilliput LCD screen and could sell me one too.

    If anyone is around Inland Empire area of Southern California and would do a custom fabrication and installation for me, that would be nice too?

    Any price quotes???

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    do you have a pic of the PT cruiser dash? is there a bezel around where you want to mount the LCD? If there is, I'd consider making a custom mount for you if you send me the bezel and the front part of the LCD (or perhaps a headrest shroud so it would snap in if there is one for the lilliput), it would be out of fiberglass and finished in your choice of materials. I live in minnestoa so you'd have to ship it but it wouldn't be much, i could probably have it done in a week or so. let me know if your interested.

    EDIT: if your dash does have a bezel installation would be a breeze- all you would have to do is snap it back on or maybe use a screw or two.
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      Pt Lcd

      Hey, not to hi-jack your thread here, but I just started a new thread PT Center Stack LCD where I will be covering in fine detail the process to install an OEM quality in dash LCD, if you have any feedback or questions let me know(you can PM if you'd like) Good Luck on your install!
      P.S. here is my Concept Image:


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        Go HERE for a very similar setup my friend Dunnie did in his SRT-4. Came out looking factory. Some of the initial pics aren't up any more, but scroll down and there's plenty.