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Fiberglass, bondo much to buy?

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  • Fiberglass, bondo much to buy?

    I'm going to start my adventure into fiberglassing this or next weekend. I'm going to mount my lilliput in the radio bezel. How much in terms of supplies should I buy? I don't want to buy a 15 gallon bucket of resin or something but I want to make sure I have enought to do the project.

    Here's a shot of the radio bezel where it's going to go if that helps.

    the bezel
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    I had a nightmare creating a bezel from scratchand the scrapped it. Bbut I had success modifying an existing bezel.

    Does your bezel come out easily? I have a 1998 Dodge Stratus and I mounted my Lilliput directly into my bezel too.

    I went to the junkyard and found a plastic bezel from a similar model. I then used this bezel as the "frame" for my modified bezel. I cut out all the holes on the inside with a dremel tool so all I had left was the area of the bezel that held the shape and that clipped into the dash. Next, I got some 1/8 inch plywood that would be used for my new bezel face, cut out the rough shape of the bezel, then cut holes that would fit my Lilliput and a DVD drive. Then I used epoxy to glue the plywood face into place. Next, I used a small amount of Bondo to build up some of the empty area between the plywood and the plastic bezel. Lastly, I sanded the Bondo smooth, then primed, sandedm primed, sanded, primed, sanded, painted sanded, painted sanded... etc.

    It came out sweet.

    Want pics? I can get them when I go home from work today.


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      Originally posted by crosseye
      Want pics? I can get them when I go home from work today.
      That would be sweet if you get some pics for me. My car is a 2001 Neon. The bezel pops out after unscrewing two screws behind the center vents. So I'm hoping it won't be a whole ton of trouble to do.


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        A quart each of fiberglass resin and bondo will be plenty, and are also probably the smallest quantities that you can buy. If you use the epoxy and plywood method with an existing bezel to modify, you can avoid using the fiberglass.


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          Around here you'll spend about $10 for a quart of resin and enough hardener for it all, and about $100 for 5 gallons of the stuff.

          4ft x 4ft sheets of fiberglass mat run about $4 at the local auto stores... again, if you get a roll of it, you'll save some cash.

          I forget what I paid for my body filler...

          Don't forget the important things like gloves, brushes, sandpaper, etc. as well
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