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Who's made some type of cooling system?

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  • Who's made some type of cooling system?

    I want to run some small fans with tubing of some type to bring cold air in blow the hot air out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I actually had an idea about this. It seems to me that if you run a hose under the car and into the trunk, you could attach that hose inside the car to one of the floor vents. Have a fan on the other side that sucks the cool air down the line and into the computer case. I'll figure out how to do mine and post some instructions.
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      you mean like this?
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        put the carputer in the glove box, then just cut into the a/c vent, and run a hose from that to the glove box

        well, thats if you have a mini itx carputer..


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          that would mean you would have to have the ac on all the time, well at leest the blowers. no good if it is freezing outside and you need the air to be hot


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            You normally don't have hot air blowing on your face, so having this on the upper vents can work. You just have to remember not to have it on heat + vent. Btw, is anyone using the newer heatpipe coolers?